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The quarantine department

Base Disinfection

Base Disinfection

TMC Co., Ltd. maintains the No. 1 position among installation companies with a 40% share of base disinfection facilities nationwide.

After installing a base disinfection facility in Gochang for the first time in the country in 2015,
we are working hard to become the center of the quarantine business by operating 40 locations as of 2022.

  • Superiority of disinfection effect
  • Micrometer (unit µm) three-dimensional space ultrafine
    atomization method in which fine particles of disinfectant water are very small
  • Reduction of wastewater volume and wastewater cost
  • The fine particles of disinfection water reduce waste water by 70%,
    and the cost is reduced by 7 times compared to other spraying and spraying methods
  • Minimize management personnel
  • Minimize management personnel by establishing automated systems for facility devices
  • Eco-friendly washing system
  • The washing and circulation method of the washing machine maximizes
    the use of sewage and reduces costs by removing organic matter with the primary microfilter
    and circulating it with sterilization and disinfection of the secondary AOP lamp
  • Automatic system construction to prevent freezing
  • Automated system construction to maintain proper facility temperature at all times


Top installation company with 40% share of base disinfection facilities nationwide


Since the establishment of a base disinfection facility in Gochang for the first time in Korea in 2015, 40 sites are currently in operation


economic feasibility

50% reduction in disinfection water usage by applying fine spraying method

Disinfection effect

Disinfect the entire vehicle, driver and driver's compartment simultaneously

Car wash

Can directly wash the underside of the vehicle and wheels/recycle washing water

management personnel

Minimize management staff by implementing automation

Flow of TMC Base Disinfection Facilities

Example and Configuration of Base Disinfection Facilities of TMC

  • 1
    • TMC disinfection equipment has less than 50µm of disinfection spray particles and 3 times smaller particles compared to the existing spraying type
  • 2
    • It can adjust nozzle particles, so it can be used in three stages: spray type, fog-spry type, and fine fog-spray type
  • 3
    • A total of 10 disinfectants are installed
  • 4
    • The inside and outside of the sterilizer and the sterilizer nozzle are all made of stainless steel, so it is strong against corrosion.

Patents and Certifications for TMC Base Disinfection Facilities

TMC is a company that strives to become the center of the disinfection business by establishing a production system that guarantees the highest quality and reliability

Operation status of TMC base disinfection facilities

40 locations as of

2022 Year


Boryeong / Seosan


Jeju / Jeju2 / Seogwipo / Seogwipo2




Gangneung / Wonju / Pyeongchang / Hongcheon / Chuncheon / Yanggu / Yangyang


Gochang / Gimje / Buan / Jinan / Namwon / Imsil / Jeongeup / Muju


Gyeongsan / Gyeongsan2 / Gyeongju / Gyeongju2 / Goryeong / Gunwi / Gimcheon / Gumi / Seongju


Naju / Naju2 / Naju3 / Wando


Miryang / Changnyeong / Haman / Goseong